HMS Resolution Committee

Ray Hunter

Ray Hunter


Current Committee position:-    Vice President - August, 2016 to present

Other committee post held:-    None

Dates on Reso:-    1967 to 1969 and 1971 to 1973.

Department worked:-   Ray joined Resolution (P) in 1967 as commissioning Navigation Officer (NO) and left in 1969 after two patrols to join the S/M Commanding Officers Qualifying Course. After two years in command of a diesel boat he re-joined Resolution (P) in 1971 as Executive Officer (XO). He left the Navy in 1984 to farm in Herefordshire.

Currently living in:-   Ledbury, Herefordshire

Current working state:-   Small scale farming of grass and plums.

Hobbies:-   Supporting England Rugby; Golf; Fishing

Other societies and clubs involved with:-   He serves on Putley Parochial Church Council and is a Trustee of a Herefordshire based charitable trust and became a Trustee of The Herefordshire Community Foundation in 2011.

Best bit of advice ever given:-   Keep you head down (golf)

Best bit of advice ever taken:-   Keep your head down

Best service memory:-   Firing first A3 Polaris missile from Resolution submerged off Cape Canaveral and it landing in target area.

If money was no problem:-   Take all Resolution First Comm surviviors to Cocoa Beach to celebrate first launch.

Person most admired:-   Vice Admiral Sir Hugh (Rufus) Mackenzie, Chief Polaris Executive 1963-1968 for overseeing the building of the boats; the shore support facilities and the training of the crews all within a period of five years so the HMS Resolution sailed on 8th. June 1968 as had been ordered five years previously.

Biggest regret:-   Not, so far, to have played a round of golf to match my age.


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